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Thank You For Choosing Jose's Mobile Auto Glass! Here at Jose's Mobile Auto Glass we offer Great service for a Great price! We are licensed and insured! We also work with insurance companies in case you choose us to do the work! We only install glass that has been approved by DOT standards.

We are located at 2450 Freedom Parkway Cumming Ga 30041 suite 202.


Here At Jose's Mobile Auto Glass we offer Life Time Warranty on water leaks. We only install new glass UNLESS customer provides used glass.

Unfortunately we do not offer warranty if the glass were to be impacted again causing it to Crack. If no impact point is made we will inspect and contact our Supplier to proceed from there.

Once the Job is completed we ask our customers to please run the vehicle through a car wash 2 days after to insure that the seal has bonded correctly. 
Customer then has 2 weeks to let us know if any leaking has occurred. If after 2 weeks we are contacted we will not be held liable for any Damages/Odors that may have occurred after that time.


Before work can be done on your vehicle we will have your approval to do the job as well as repeat the price to you to ensure you agree.

We then take Photos of the damaged areas of your vehicle and or of are(s) where we will be working to insure customer no damages were done during installation. 

Once Job is completed we have the customer sign the Second part of the Form stating that the customer is satisfied with the job and Understands how our warranty functions. 

(If customer is unavailable to sign further information might be required)

Chip Repair

Here at Jose's Mobile Auto Glass we off to repair chips on your windshield! For a solid price of $60.00 per Chip! 

Chips must not have cracks extending from it longer then 3 inches or be penetrated into both sides of the glass.

If after we repair the glass it decides to grow, we will reimburse the money invested into fixing the chip toward a new windshield!

Please note repairing chips does not mean they will disappear from the windshield. We will only fill in the are to prevent it from growing. 

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